Since the 1960's the city of Tianjin, just south of Beijing was been the capital of instrument manufacturing, much like Elkhart, Indiana here in the US. With many small factories each producing producing specific instruments, the Tianjin Music Instrument Industry company was formed to put them together under one name, to produce the Hunter line of instruments. Production includes instruments from Piccolo to tuba plus string instruments. Each company is committed to producing quality instruments, not the cheapest instruments. Every year the level of quality has gone up as the company realizes that world wide success can only be achieved by making the best instruments, not the least expensive.
In 1996 the company formed Hunter Music Instrument with Mr Paul Chu as president and opened a warehouse in Long Island City, NY. With increased acceptance and increasing sales the small ware- house has grown to 9,500 sq. ft. This includes a 500 sq foot facility for repairs and checking of each instrument before shipping to ensure every instrument arrives at the dealer in working order.

A dealer may be tempted to buy direct from some Chinese companies, but will soon realize that it is not that simple and by the time the instrument arrives it costs significantly more than the FOB China price. The advantage of buying direct from a Chinese source are often negated when instruments arrive damaged or not of the quality the dealer saw at the NAMM show.
By buying the Hunter brand all of the problems are solved, as the warehouse in New York has every instrument in stock and can ship any quantity quickly. The concern over quality is not there as every instrument is checked before release. All Hunter instruments have a full warranty and a dealer will not be disappointed.
A full compliment of repair parts for every instrument is available and can even be shipped overnight if needed. No need to order from China and wait 6 weeks!
Hunter instruments will be advertising in every market and brand name recognition will increase every year, thereby helping sales or a dealer trying to spend time and money building a store brand.
Call our sales department today and find out how The Hunter line of instruments can help YOUR business succeed!